Centerville Quarterback Club Current Projects

With the proceeds from our fundraising efforts, the Centerville Quarterback Club is able to support many projects that benefit the Centerville Elks football program.

Some of our current projects are:

  • Annual Scholarship $2,000
  • Locker Nameplates
  • New Video Equipment
  • Locker Room Improvements
  • Player of the Week Shirts
  • Season Highlight Videos
  • Team Meals
  • Senior Dinner
  • Team Warm-ups
  • Senior Gifts
  • Team Game Shoes
  • Team Awards & Plaques
  • Coaches Headphones
  • Trainer equipment and supplies
  • Weekly Game Films
  • Team Web Page
  • Practice T-Shirts and Shorts
  • New Computer Equipment is made possible by the Centerville Quarterback Club and the support of sponsors from the Centerville community